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Instant Green Energy!

myFC PowerTrekk is a hybrid fuel cell charger that generates electricity from water and salt – to make sure you’ll have instant power anywhere, anytime.

myFC PowerTrekk 2.0 - 149€

It's a flexible 2-way solution. A fuel cell charger that generates
electricity on the go from water and salt. Including a portable battery à 3800 mAh.

  • Both a fuel cell and a portable battery
  • Generates its own electricity on the go
  • Instant green energy
  • Total freedom from the electrical grid
  • Charging a device as quickly as the outlet
  • Tablet compatible

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Charge your device instantly, independent of any type of weather

Don't you worry about the weather!
Unlike solar energy, fuel cells produce
energy instantly, in any weather,
day or night.

Provides power to all standard USB devices on the market. Everything from smartphones, tablets, GPS and action cameras
– you name it!

It’s lightweight, splash proof and charges
at the speed of lightning. Not really,
but with same speed as from the electrical outlet

It's Green!

myFC PowerTrekk is the world’s first portable fuel cell charger for consumer use that runs on water. The myFC Puck is filled with salt and contains no heavy metals unlike most disposable batteries. One Puck weighs similar to a AA-battery but contains effective energy corresponding to 7 AA-batteries. 


With our groundbreaking Swedish technology, myFC is today a world leader in micro fuel cells. Our ambition is to use fuel cells to free all people from their dependence on the electrical grid.


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